I'm Lauren! I'm passionate about everything involving creativity: photography, graphic design, drawing, painting, writing, and have even recently been starting to get into video.  I am always looking to try new things and experiment with different styles and types of art.  I have done some freelance design projects in the past few years, but also just enjoy creating art in my free time.  My style is generally very abstract and colorful, which is always a lot of fun for me.  I have recently started my travels, as I have spent the past 4 months (studying) and exploring in the beautiful country of Costa Rica.  I hope to continue to travel, experience, and photograph the world in my future.  I try to always have an open mind, and appreciate every moment, whether it be perfect or imperfect.  Overall, I hope to inspire peace, positivity, and possibility in my writing, art, and photography :)

I am always looking to get more experience particularly in design and photography.  Please contact me if you are interested in getting any type of graphic design work done. Hope you enjoy!